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Selecting An iPhone 6s Insurance Plan

iphone 6s insurance coverAre you considering buying an iPhone 6s, but want to have insurance in place if there is an unexpected loss or damage? There are many iPhone 6s insurance options that are available depending on what you need or prefer. You may want to review your choices for insurance and protection plan options.

Having an accident with an iPhone can happen to anyone at any time. Paying full price for a repair will be really expensive if a protection plan does not apply or iPhone 6s insurance is not available.

Standard Warranty

An iPhone 6s will come with a one-year limited warranty with each purchase. This warranty will cover any defects that could arise after purchase. There is no cost for a standard warranty, but it does not have any coverage for loss and damage repair is limited. Customer support is available for 90 days. This will be the best way to get basic iPhone 6s insurance.



This is an extended warranty that comes with an iPhone after purchase. The warranty is extended out for two years and there are more customer service options available. Customers will also have some coverage for accidental damage in certain instances. AppleCare+ needs to be purchased within 60 days of buying a new iPhone 6s. Purchases afterwards may require you to have your phone inspected.

The cost of AppleCare+ will be $129. You get a two-year extension of the warranty plan with two years of phone support. One of the best features of AppleCare+ is you will get two accidental claims. This will be extremely helpful if the screen of your phone gets cracked or you have dropped it in water. One thing to keep in mind is you need to pay a $99 service for each claim. AppleCare+ will not replace a phone that has been lost or stolen like other types of iPhone 6s insurance plans.



This is a warranty or protection plan from a third-party as a substitute to the AppleCare+ program. There are multiple protection plan options available depending on what you may need. You can choose to pay for a one-year plan, a two-year plan, and a three-year plan. The two-year plan is the most popular option as an alternative to AppleCare+ and has a cost of $149. A one-year plan is $89 and their three-year plan will cost $179.

Protection plan coverage includes any malfunctions, drops and spills. There is free two-way shipping if you decide to send them your phone to be repaired. Claim process is available 24/7 and you will get up to four claims a year for an iPhone 6s insurance plan.

A $99 deductible will apply for each claim. The best part is you do not need to send in the phone as it can be taken to any local repair shop. You will even be reimbursed for the costs of repairs that are done at any Apple Genius Bar.

Carrier Insurance

Most carriers will offer some form of iPhone 6s insurance(eg at&t iphone 6s insurance) or protection plan. The cost will be added to a customer’s monthly bill and will vary depending on the carrier you use. These plans will provide you with coverage for accidental damage, loss, and any manufacturer defects. A deductible will apply and can be up to $199, but customers will only get two claims a year. These plans will be the closest options to a regular insurance plan for iPhone 6s insurance you will find as they provide loss and theft protection.

Retailer Plans


Some retailers like Best Buy also offer iPhone 6s insurance or protection plans. You have the option of Geek Squad Protection or Geek Squad Complete Protection. Both plans provide coverage for a cracked screen, drops, spills, and iPhone 6 battery replacement cost. However, Geek Squad Complete Protection provides you coverage for loss and theft. You may find this is excellent iPhone 6s insurance coverage.

Standard Geek Squad Protection costs $7.99 per month and Geek Squad Complete Protection is $10.99 per month. You get three claims in a 24-month period with both plans. The service fee is $149.99, if the phone was less than $799 and $199 for phones more than $799. Plans that are provided by retailers will be the most expensive, but may include more coverage for your iPhone.

Credit Card Plans


Most major credit cards offer limited iPhone 6s insurance if the phone was purchased using the card. A credit card company may also offer a protection plan if you pay your phone bill using a credit card. You need to check with your credit card company to see what is being offered. The protection plan you can get by using a Wells Fargo credit card includes protection up to $600. Coverage is there for theft or damages like to fix iPhone 6s screen, but not if your phone is lost.

Home or Renters Insurance

The insurance you pay for your home or apartment can be used to cover as iPhone 6s insurance. You will just need to add the phone as a rider or scheduled item to your insurance policy. The cost will be minimal as you are insuring something that is less than $1000. Your phone will have coverage for theft and damage to your phone. However, the deductible for your policy may be more than the cost of your phone. If the deductible is $500 of less, then adding it to your policy is a good option.

The amount you want to pay for iPhone 6s insurance will likely be the deciding factor for the plan you choose. Going without insurance or a protection plan is also an option, but you will need to pay the full price for a new phone. Keep in mind you should also take steps to prevent damage to your iPhone, like adding a durable case or a screen protector.

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